There are not many things written about the Inca fortress of Tambo Colorado, on the right bank of the Pisco river; is a complex of buildings of Inca origin, with religious and administrative purposes.

You will find the Temple of the Sun, a large square with an altar and the Inca Palace as the most relevant and representative buildings. An important Inca road crosses this place, the constructions here were made of adobe, stone and mud, since no maintenance was done to this archaeological site, it is considered as the best preserved structure of the coast of Peru. From Tambo Colorado to the town of Humay, in the area known as Montesierpe in the desert, along the Pisco valley, is the place known as the "Avenue of smallpox sting", it is named because it consists of a sequence of holes of 1 meter of diameter made next to each other, measuring 18 meters of width. These mysterious holes are located 1.5 km from the Village of Humay.

There are many explanations for these holes, some related to the Nazca lines, the town of Humay receives pilgrims visiting the house and the tomb of a beatified woman, whose name is Doña Luisa de la Torre Rojas, also known as "La Beatita de Humay "

Duration:  4 hours


  • Tour with private mobility
  • Trasfer in / out in Paracas
  • Guide
  • Income Rate
  • Personalized attention


  • Wear a hat or hat
  • Long sleeves, trousers and hiking shoes
  • Warm clothes during the winter
  • You should always use sunblock and insect repellent
  • Bring water and snacks
  • There is no cellular coverage in the area
  • Local businesses only accept cash.


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